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At the beginning of 2017 ‘Well Being @ AXA’ was created. It consists of people at the AXA insurance firm who propose and implement activities to strengthen the good physical and mental health of the Company’s employees. One of the group’s events was their first ping pong tournament.

For two weeks a ping pong table was part of the everyday reality at AXA, filling the workplace with great pleasure, smiles and fair competition. These were the ‘ingredients’ of the 1st Table Tennis Tournament at AXA Greece, following an initiative taken by the ‘Well Being @ AXA’ team.

Following all the relevant preparations, more than 50 AXA employees took part, and teams were selected by lottery. From the teams, 16 winners emerged, and following the knock-out process the tournament continued with the 8 best players, then the 4 best and then the two players who qualified for the big final, under the guidance of a professional table tennis referee.

The organizers of the final game prepared a special surprise for the employees of the Company – it was attended by the Greek table tennis champion Fotini Bousios. Fotini played a friendly game with each of the finalists before the match started and she refereed the final.

Vana Lavidas, President of the Administrative Board of MDA Hellas, said: ‘I would like to express my sincere thanks to the management of AXA and in particular Mr Helios Moatsos for the contribution of the Company to MDA Hellas’ insurance costs. Also, thank you very much for the hospitality and initiative to organize this unique and original event, the Ping Pong Tournament. We are particularly excited about the beginning of our collaboration with the “AXA Hearts in Action” volunteer team and we believe that together we can organize very special activities for the purposes of our Association. MDA Hellas was created to improve the quality of life for our fellow humans with neuromuscular diseases. It is very important for us that we can fully meet the many essential needs of our members and feel that they can have equal opportunities in our society.’

‘The organization of the 1st Table Tennis Tournament had a dual significance. On the one hand, all of us, the people of AXA, found another common place under the umbrella of good health and on the other hand we had the opportunity to get to know and appreciate the work of MDA Hellas. These two pillars contributed to the significant success of the Tournament, which led to the pleasant decision, together with the Human Resources Division, to proceed to a new event next year,’ said Errikos Moatsos, Chief Executive Officer of AXA Greece.

‘We are very happy that our people have embraced this initiative so warmly. Their interest was impressive, and with great pleasure we observed that many of the employees stayed after work in order to train and get prepared for the game. I would like to thank the people of MDA Hellas who honored us with their presence, by giving a unique character and status to our organization. Finally, I warmly thank the “Well Being @ AXA” team, which has organized more than ten activities since the beginning of 2017,’ said Anna Maniatis, Human Resources Director of AXA Greece.

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