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MDA Hellas is a non-profit organization established in 2000 in Greece in order to assist holistically to the improvement of the quality of life of people with neuromuscular diseases.

This year, we have completed 20 years of operation and we have 1.200 registered members.

Our main purpose is to manage to provide our members and their families’ moral support as well as the required equipment and infrastructure so, each and every one of our members could have equal opportunities in all areas of social life.

For that purpose, we have created and operate 3 Special units for Neuromuscular Diseases in major Public Hospitals in Greece.

On November 2002 the first special unit for neuromuscular diseases was completed at the “Agia Sofia” Children’s Hospital in Athens, where approximately 400 children and young people are monitored annually.

Aiming to decentralization and in order to assist our members in North Greece, on July 2007 we established the second special unit for neuromuscular diseases in the AHEPA University General Hospital in Thessaloniki and the total amount of children and adults being monitored is 300.

On September 2009 the third special unit for neuromuscular diseases was completed and is operating till today to the University Regional General Hospital of Patras, aiming to provide complete medical care of our members in Southwestern Greece where a total amount of 260 children and adults being monitored.

In the present day the total amount of children with neuromuscular diseases monitored in the 3 units is approximately 960.

On 2012 we completed another great goal the “MDA Hellas House”. It is an exemplar Center, designed by the principles of palliative care and it is located at the center of Athens. Psychological support service for patients and their families, social care from the Social Service of the Association, independent living learning, training, education, therapeutic gymnastics and a day-long stay with all due care for it, as long as they wish, are provided in its premises.

In 20 years of action, we have provide: electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, lifting cranes, respirators, electric stair lifts, hydraulic lifts, ramps have been constructed and installed at the entrances of our members’ houses, arrangement of sanitary facilities e.t.c.

Our next goal: In order to fully meet our adult members’ needs, we are working towards to the creation and operation of a new special unit for neuromuscular diseases for adults in Athens.

The Vision of MDA Hellas for equal integration of our members with neuromuscular diseases in the Greek society could not be achieved without the support of the scientific community, sponsors, volunteers and individuals who believe our work and strengthen its implementation.

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