MDA Runner team on the 37th Athens Marathon, the Authentic!

MDA Hellas participated once again in the 37th Athens Marathon, the Authentic, reminding us that “it doesn’t matter how you run, but why.”

On Saturday, November 9th, 2019, the MDA Runner team ran the 10km route and on Sunday, November 10th, ran the 5km route. The team this year reached 450 runners, who willingly ran for the purposes of the Association.

It was really emotional, when the employees of NN Hellas accompanied our Members Fani, Chrissi and Nikos at km route and at 5km Maria, Danae, Andreas and Panagiotis, proving that all together we can achieve great things!

Team Mascot was cheering the runners and informed the visitors of our stand “in his own unique way”, by entertaining them!

We are thankful to our Sponsors for their support: ΝΝ Hellas,  LAVIPHARM, GENESIS PHARMA, PWC, HSBC.

This year Finish Liners ran with 3 brand new racing wheelchairs!


This year Finish Liners ran with 3 brand new racing wheelchairs to raise awareness for neuromuscular diseases.

The idea of the Finish Liners group is a running charity movement created on the occasion of the co-sports documentaire FINISH LINE by Eliana Abravanel. In 2016, for the first time, 2 members of MDA ran the Athens Marathon, the Authentic, accompanied by 35 runners of the Finish Liners team.

On November 10, 2019, the Finish Liners team reached 150 people and accompanied 3 members of MDA with neuromuscular diseases, Alexandra Stamatopoulou, Maria Alexiou and Harry Aslanidis, running together the 42km of the 37th Athens Marathon, the Authentic. This year they ran with 3 racing wheelchairs that ensured the maximum comfort and safety of our athletes during the race. The purchase of the three racing wheelchairs was made with the support of the Moraitis School, PwC as well as through crowdfunding of MDA Hellas.


Finish Liners have in common, a starting line! Running and a common purpose:

Inform and raise awareness for people with neuromuscular diseases.

This year, the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, responsible for welfare issues, Ms. Domna Michailidou and the Marathon Runner of the National Team, Ms. Gloria Privileggio, encouraged the runners in this effort.


Together we run faster and closer to our goals, spreading a life’s message:

  “… it doesn’t matter how you run, but why!”