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“What I want is bigger that what I can do” is a book about will and effort.

Writer Aimilia Plati, supports us by donating all the proceeds to MDA Hellas (Association for people with neuromuscular diseases).

You may support this effort with its purchase


One of my great loves is running. In recent years I have been a long distance runner. On November 2018, my biggest dream came true. I finished the Athens marathon, the Authentic, the 42 km route.

I kept a diary of this effort, my preparation, the experience of the Marathon race itself, my anxieties and mistakes. A simple and human diary, not just sports and technical issues.

I thought that maybe this diary might be worth sharing, just to show that ” What I want is bigger that what I can do” and if I did it, an insignificant woman, who was able to finish the Marathon, then maybe everyone could do it, if he wants to. Apart from the texts, the book contains beautiful, black and white photographs, by Maria Pagoni, showing the effort of the anonymous athlete, and also monuments of our Athens: Kallimarmaro Stadium, Olympic Stadium, the Marathon route and Marathon stadium where is the start line.

The prologue is written by my coach Nikos Raptopoulos, giving in this way the coaching perspective as well as Mr. Makis Asimakopoulos whose words honors me. I thought that it would be great if this book got published during the Marathon season, in order to mark the relationship with it and would be first available for the participating athletes.

For this reason, the first presentation of the book will take place at EXPO, the week before the Athens Marathon, the Authentic, where the book will be available for sale at a special price. This book has a charitable purpose. All the proceeds will be donated to support MDA Hellas (Association for people with neuromuscular diseases). A thought is running with a wheelchair for disabled people. We would like to use the proceeds from the book to purchase wheelchairs especially designed for racing with disabled athletes.

Aimila Plati


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