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Following the Press Release of April 7, 2020 regarding the postponement of some injections of the drug Spinraza in patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and the actions performed by MDA Hellas, we inform you about the following:

1. The Ministry of Health has sent a clarifying circular from 08 April 2020 to the Hospital Administrations, reminding that “regarding the treatment program of patients with chronic health problems, the necessary diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions should be implemented normally by non-COVID-19 hospitals always taking the necessary precautions “.

2. The Ministry of Health has made a telephone notification to the COs of all the Hospitals in which MDA Hellas stated that there are postponements of the infusions, whether they are reference centers for COVID-19 or not, with the instruction to continue the infusions normally with the necessary precautionary measures.

3. The pharmaceutical company GENESIS PHARMA sent a letter to the treating physicians with the latest data regarding the optimal management of the dosing regimen of Spinraza in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Based on the above, we recommend to our Members and their parents who had a postponement of their infusion, to get in touch again with their treating doctors and reschedule the infusion.

Please inform us about the progress of your treatment.

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