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Dear Members,

According to the available scientific data regarding the infection from the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19), the elderly as well as people of any age with underlying chronic diseases, belong to the high risk groups for serious illness and complications. These include people with Neuromuscular Diseases (ND). For this reason, it is important to increase the level of precautions for our own protection as well as for the protection of children and adults with Neuromuscular Diseases (ND).

The following is a list of recommended precaution measures:

  • It is absolutely necessary for people with Neuromuscular Diseases (ND) to stay at home.
  • It is recommended to avoid anyone entering the house from outside. If caregivers should go out, it is important to wash and wear clean clothes as soon as they return and before contacting the person with ND. In addition, in the same case they must use a mask and gloves for its care.


  • Scheduled medical appointments, including physiotherapies, etc. must be canceled. Follow your program at home if possible with your caregivers. Visits by physiotherapists at home are not recommended. Contact them, as in many cases they can give you an exercise program via phone calls or other means such as video calls etc.


  • It is recommended that you take your medication as prescribed by your doctor.


Particular attention should be paid to frequent and proper hand hygiene and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.  


  • It is necessary to disinfect the main surfaces (knobs, work surfaces, refrigerator, elevator button, etc.) with disinfectants or bleach.
  • If it is absolutely necessary for wheelchair users to go outside their house, the wheels and brake grips must be disinfected before re-entering the house.
  • People who use mobility aids should regularly disinfect the handles from crutches, walking sticks, etc.
  • People with mobility problems in the upper limbs should not forget that they use their hands differently from others, so they should wash properly their wrists and arms.
  • Use online shopping and home delivery services. During the delivery, there should be no direct contact with the employee.
  • Get the medicines you need for a period of 6-8 weeks and food for a reasonable amount of time to limit your caregivers’ movements outside the house. Don’t overdo it.
  • In case of infection of a family member by covid-19, increase the quarantine level at home.
  • If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, you should contact your doctor immediately. You can also call the National Public Health Organization (1135 & 2105212000) for instructions. It is important to mention in your communication that you belong to the high-risk groups. In case you cannot contact NPHO, contact the on-duty hospital in your area through the National Center for Emergency Assistance (166).

We would also like to inform you that MDA Hellas’s offices and the Special NM Units in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras will remain closed. For any kind of difficulty, even if you just feel the need to share your stress for this difficult situation, you may contact the staff of MDA Hellas:

Social Worker: Moraitis Georgia – gmoraiti@mdahellas.gr – 6943448509

Secretary of the Neuromuscular Diseases Unit of Athens: Penny Panagopoulou – ppanagopoulou@mdahellas.gr – 6945233823

Secretary of the Neuromuscular Diseases Unit of Thessaloniki: Eleftheria Schoretsanitis – mnp_axepa@yahoo.gr – 6932232011

Secretary of the Neuromuscular Diseases Unit of Patras: Nikos Kasdaglis – mdapatras@gmail.com – 6936682848

We should all understand the responsibility we have to protect not only ourselves but also the vulnerable people around us!

We try to stay positive and support each other!!!

By following the instructions, we will be able to overcome this crisis!


By the Social Service of MDA Hellas

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