“All children one Hug”

We can all live together and play along
with or without wheelchair … we just change the game!



“All children one Hug” is a program that was created for preschoolers and grade-schoolers in order to inform and raise awareness for children with disabilities. This program is approved by the Ministry of Education and till today 4.500 have attended.

Addressing these ages, we work at the proper stage of emotional development of an individual where we could form attitudes and behaviors. Through games and group activities, children could understand what means to live with motor disability.

Program’s activities are experiential, contain dialogue and game and take place in the classroom. School is an institution which contributes to socialization, a link between family environment and school where both sides work together and become role models for children. This program aims not only at children’s education, but also at parents and teachers in order to learn how to learn how to properly guide children towards and attitude of life that accepts, integrate and “adapts” Society for people with disabilities.

Disability is a situation that could cause emotions of surprise and embarrassment to a little child and it requires time and guidance for children in order to know how to process their feelings and integrate their classmates with disabilities into their team. Children learn to respect and coexist with their classmates who need a wheelchair to move around and play with them and this is something that helps children with motor disabilities to integrate and socialize without feeling that they are “excluded” from their friends’ activities.