Alpha Bank Bonus Point System

Alpha Bank, via its Bonus card point system and American Express (green and gold card as well as American Express Blue Credit Card), actively supports charity Associations. So, if you are a cardholder of any of the above cards, you could redeem your points supporting MDA Hellas’s causes.
The procedure is simple, you only have to follow the steps below:
1. Call the Bank’s customer service center (list on the back of the card)
2. Answer the questions asked about the security of your transaction
3. Get informed about the available points and
4. State how many of your points you wish to redeem for the causes of MDA Hellas!
  • 4000 points correspond to 20 € donation
  • 8000 points correspond to 40 € donation
If you wish to contribute any other way to support our valuable causes, you may contact the Association’s available phone numbers or via