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Myshoe.gr, the largest Greek footwear e-shop, donated the sum of €5000 to MDA Hellas at a Christmas event held at the MDA House on Wednesday 13 December. Members and friends of MDA Hellas, as well as Myshoe.gr’s owner, G. Minoglou, and the General Manager, Evangelos Manoudakis, attended the event.

The effort to raise money began in March 2017, when Myshoe.gr offered 50 cents for every purchase of children’s shoes in order to support the work of MDA Hellas. The initiative was actively supported by consumers, and orders for children’s shoes reached 10,000 in a few months. In this way, Myshoe.gr’s team and thousands of consumers joined forces to reinforce the important social work of MDA Hellas.



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